How to be as popular as Justin Bieber

July 11th, 2010    •  by Allison    •   No Comments »

Imagine 70 000 people screaming for you with unabated joy. Doesn’t happen if you’re a mum does it? At the Capital Summer Time Ball on Sunday, Bieber Fever was rife around Wembley. The secret of JB’s success? He’s got lyrics kids love to sing.

Turn your family into raving fans. Take a leaf out of JB’s book. Increase your popularity, improve your lyrics. If the needle on your record is stuck on ‘nag, shout, nag’, change your tune. My challenge? Use positive lyrics and ditch the derisory. Go a whole day uttering only positives. If nothing else, this alerts you to how many negatives you use.

We have a nasty tendency to only comment when our children do things wrong. Catch your kids doing things right. For example, if they put a plate in the dishwasher, avoid the temptation to sarcastically comment, ‘Ah, so you do know where the dishwasher is then!’ Instead say, ‘thanks, I appreciate that’. Count how many times you accentuate the positive. Notice the effect it has on the mood of you, your children and partner. Budge over Bieber!

3 Year Old Girl Crying Over Justin Beieber !!!

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