Need more time?

So maybe life balance is a bit wobbly, maybe you struggle to get everything done, perhaps your children aren’t as co-operative as you’d like. Believe me, I know what it’s like! Since 2006 my books and workshops have helped thousands of Manic Mums. They are perfect for groups of Mums or Working Parents. You might find it interesting to see what we do and how the Workshops have helped other Manic Mums.

‘Time Management for Manic Mums’

So, what will it cover? Watch to find out.

What will I get from this Workshop?

Just imagine what it would be like if you were getting everything done and not just the drudge, but all those things you really wanted to do but never thought you had the time or energy for. Sound impossible, well it’s not. Using techniques form  ‘Time Management for Manic Mums’ I will show you how you can transform the way you think about time and get loads more done.

  • More ‘Me’ Time I’ll Learn the 7 truths of time management that will show you how to identify where your time disappears to so you can claim it back
  • Less time consuming chores I’ll learn techniques to help identify the things that I really want to achieve and make time to get them done and I’ll minimise time wasting chores
  • A shorter ‘to do list I’ll learn how to chop my to do list down to size
  • More quality time I’ll learn how to schedule quality time and how to savour every moment of it
  • A different future I’ll learn how to schedule in time for planning my future

So what do the Manic Mums who come think about it?

Watch to find out

Workshop Success Story 1

Sarah is working mum of 2 boys, both at school. Before she came on a Manic Mums Seminar she said she wanted to find time for herself, just to be able to read the paper was one thing she wanted to do. She also wanted to feel more organized. So, she came, she saw and, if the email she sent me is anything to go by, she conquered. Here’s what it said.

Hi I just wanted to let you know how successful the seminar has been for me so far –this week is a chaotic week for me as my nanny is on hols (I work 3 days a week and have a nanny on those days normally), work is merrily continuing oblivious to the fact that I have no childcare (the joy of being a consultant – you can never really be off), it has been school sports day and the run up to the school fair requiring cakes to be baked (my boys insisted they wanted to bake and we couldn’t just buy cakes) and jam jars to be filled etc. So in a bid to keep my head above water I have been doing my B’s before they become A’s and bought and actually implemented my concertina file system. I have been looking like a headless chicken all week but all my plates are still spinning (more or less). The highlight though is that today I was told by a colleague that I am the most organised person they know – based on 2 Bs that I had pre-prepared before everyone else remembered them as they became As…Being complimented for being organised is the least likely compliment for me to ever receive!! long may it last’

Workshop Success Story 2

Caroline is a full time Mum of four. She wanted to find to time to savour life a bit more and think beyond just being a Mum. Here’s an email she sent to me after the workshop.

I got loads out of the workshop. My big time drip was tidying up after the kids, and feeling grumpy and resentful every time they made a mess (with 4 kids, that was quite a lot of the time!). On the Sunday morning, I implemented a rules and routine plan to get them helping me, with a marble jar for motivation, and it is working like a treat. I’m no longer stressed out about every little thing being out of place as the kids tidy up themselves. Yesterday my daughter (she’s 4) tidied away 2 baskets while I lay on the floor next to her, having 40 winks. The brilliant thing as well is that the children seem to love having the responsibility, and I feel like I’m setting them up for life. So, thank you!’

Workshop Success Story 3

Clara a Consultant and Mum of 2 boys, both at school, felt that she just couldn’t get through to her family. After coming on the seminar she relaised that a lot of the problem lay in the fat that she used push not pull communication strategies and her own behavioral style was the opposite to her sons. When she made a few small changes the endless cajoling and coaxing to do things ended and life became calmer. She felt more in control and the boys seemed happier.’


To find out more about arranging a workshop please get in touch.

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