What can Shrek teach a Manic Mum?

August 30th, 2010    •  by admin    •   1 Comment »

I’ll admit it, I love the Shrek movies. Laugh out loud funny, as predictable as a wet English Summer and leaves you with a feel good glow that can’t be beaten, unless you’ve got a gin and tonic in one hand a bag of peanuts in the other.

The plot may not be deep, but what can we learn from the big green Ogre? Value and cherish what you have is the lesson I’ve taken. If like Shrek, your day feels like a treadmill, be careful what you wish for.  Ok, the hum drum can get a bit repetitive and maybe even get you down at times. But what would happen if suddenly it was all taken away?

As Shrek discovers, maybe the hum drum wouldn’t seem so bad after all. I’ve been deeply saddened to loose two friends in the last year, one to illness and another to a tragic accident. Both left children. When I’m feeling worn down, looking for lost shoes or listening to complaints about broccoli, I often ponder what my friends would give for just one more hum drum day…..

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