How much are you getting?

September 8th, 2010    •  by Allison    •   2 Comments »

So, how much are you getting? If the answer’s not enough, and of course I refer to sleep here, you’re not alone.  I recently did some work with the Flour Advisory Bureau. They did a survey on life balance and discovered that given an extra hour, 53% of the women surveyed would choose to sleep. I’m not surprised. The only thing a Manic Mum’s gagging for when she climbs into bed is a bit of shut eye. Anyway, that statistic got me thinking, is it really that hard to get an extra hours sleep? With babies tucked up and out of the way for 15 hours a night (Ok I know it’s not unbroken) and teens in their beds for at least 10 hours and most of the morning! Why not plan an early night this week? I’m going for it on Thursday night, I’ve planned it in, a whole hour. If I’ve got a smile on face on Friday morning you’ll know why. I got lucky, I got some sleep.

2 Responses to “How much are you getting?”

  1. As someone who’s expecting her first child in less than 6 weeks, I keep receiving instruction to “make the most of my sleep”. Easier said than done. While the end of Big Brother (yes, I succumbed) means I am able to retire an hour earlier each night, a combination of excitement, weakened bladder and extraordinary dreams has resulted in broken sleep or outright insomnia. And it’s not only me that’s suffering. With all the up and down and huffing and puffing, my poor husband’s not getting lucky either.

  2. Strange dreams, lack of sleep, weak bladder? Prefect preparation for the journey ahead….
    And when that weenie wee bundle of joy arrives, my advice? Take the ‘Martini’ approach to sleep: any time, any place, anywhere, get it while you can!
    Anyway, I’m off, it’s past my bed time!

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