Always forgetting Birthdays?

August 27th, 2010    •  by admin    •   1 Comment »

What would it be like to never forget a birthday again? Sound good? Then why not get a time saving birthday card kit together. Here’s how you do it.

• Make a list of all birthdays you want to remember by month
• Keep a stock of birthday cards in a designated box with some stamps
• At the beginning of each month write the cards for the whole month and post on the appropriate day so it arrives on time. You might even have time to include a personal note if you do it this way.
• Sit back and think of the great big smile your on time card will spread across someone’s face.

If you’ve not got time to shop for cards check out this website they’ll send you a regular so you never run out. A must if your children go to as many parties as mine do!!!

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