How helpful is your hubby?

November 11th, 2010    •  by admin    •   No Comments »

Are you a mum who complains that their children do nothing around the house?  Apparently 75% of 11- 16 year olds have never cleaned the bathroom and 63% of them don’t iron. According to a survey by the Flour Advisory Bureau 31% of women say their husbands do little to help either. I’m just wondering to myself, would my Hubbster know where to find the iron? I’ll have to ask him later, on second thoughts, perhaps I’ll show it to him first and quiz him about its purpose!

So, how do you get your family to help out a bit more, and how young can you realistically start? I’ll be talking to Lorna Milton in the Expert hour on her BBC Three Counties radio Show tomorrow afternoon from 2.00 – 4.30, about how to get your family pulling their weight so us Manic Mums can put our feet up and have a cuppa! Ohh put that kettle on and tune in!

Listen live to BBC 3 Coutnies Radio

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