Would you charge your children rent?

I was recently asked to comment on whether it’s a good idea to charge grown up children rent…..

Should you charge your children rent?

Radio Scotland

This is an extract from interview with BBC Radio Scotland for their ‘Mapping The Mind’ Series, where I talked about multi tasking and time management.

BBC Radio Scotland – Multitasking interview

Brush your teeth please!

This is a series of interviews I did to promote the Big Brush Event. The event was  sponsored by Oral B to encourage nursery school children across the UK to take part in an attempt to beat the world record for simultaneously brushing their teeth a the same time.

Extract from interview about the Big Brush Event

Allison on Swansea Sound

08 Track 8 mp3


An Interview with Ann Rayburn of LBC Radio about my book, Time Management for Manic Mums

lbc interview Allison Mitchell

Teenage house parties?

An interview with Jonathon Vernon Smith on BBC Three Counties Radio about teenage house parties. Would you let your teenager have one?

Would you let a teenager have a party in your house?

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