Computer says ‘No’ So does my brain!

July 17th, 2010    •  by Allison    •   No Comments »

As I sat with a 100 things to do yesterday, I felt a bit like my computer. No, not a super fast multi processing machine, but a piece of kit that refuses to work when it’s overloaded. Have you ever noticed your trusty PC virtually grinds to a halt if you’ve got too many programmes running? Much like my brain really. So, when you’ve got a million things to do and you keep going round in circles step back, clear the metal decks and focus on one thing at a time. Having an array of mental loops open in your mind is distracting and slows you down. Give yourself a metaphorical reboot and free up some mental RAM. Focusing on one thing at a time will speed up your capacity to process. Um, now I knew there was a reason why men only focus on one thing a time….!

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