Case studies

Case Study

Caroline is a full time Mum of four. She wanted to find to time to savour life a bit more and think beyond just being a Mum.

Here’s an email she sent to me after the workshop

‘I got loads out of the workshop. My big time drip was tidying up after the kids, and feeling grumpy and resentful every time they made a mess (with 4 kids, that was quite a lot of the time!). On the Sunday morning, I implemented a rules and routine plan to get them helping me, with a marble jar for motivation, and it is working like a treat. I’m no longer stressed out about every little thing being out of place as the kids tidy up themselves. Yesterday my daughter (she’s 4) tidied away 2 baskets while I lay on the floor next to her, having 40 winks. The brilliant thing as well is that the children seem to love having the responsibility, and I feel like I’m setting them up for life. So, thank you!’

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‘A really enjoyable worthwhile course—not just good for me but also my kids’ Karen Jones

It’s never too late to learn how to be a better parent – (father of 5 kids; 23,22,21,19,16)  Peter Simon

‘Great opportunity to learn more about one of the most important jobs we have in life – and to do so in a fun, relaxed, safe way’ Hilda Barrett

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