Mum knows best (Really she does)

January 20th, 2011    •  by Allison    •   2 Comments »

Not that you’d believe it, when you look at the amount of advice we’re given. As Mums we’re constantly barraged with information that can lead to confusion. Like for instance, the report last week telling us we should wean our babies at 4 months not the currently recommended 6. What’s a girl to do? Now, in Chapter One of...

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How helpful is your hubby?

November 11th, 2010    •  by admin    •   15 Comments »

Are you a mum who complains that their children do nothing around the house?  Apparently 75% of 11- 16 year olds have never cleaned the bathroom and 63% of them don’t iron. According to a survey by the Flour Advisory Bureau 31% of women say their husbands do little to help either. I’m just wondering […]...

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What’s your epitaph?

September 24th, 2010    •  by admin    •   1 Comment »

Have you ever wondered how your children will describe you when you’re old? I’ve been drawn to the thought as I consider David Cameron’s loss and subsequent description of his late father. ‘A hero’ that’s how he described him, ‘an inspiration’. So, what about you? What will your offspring be saying about you when you […]...

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